Wim Wuyts

Wim Wuyts is a seasoned professional in the international fiscal world.
He has 20 years of international experience, leading global tax organizations and heading up major corporate reorganization programs. He has extensive M&A experience.

In 2004, he created the informal Tax Think Tank. He is now more than 4 years the Chairman of the Tax Committee of the VBO-FEB.

Together with friends and experts, Wim has written the bestseller TWEAK IT! (2009) , a book on “mindful coaching”. The entire profit of the 9,000 sold books is donated to a charity project in India (www.vanakam.be).

His second book, "Ergens halverwege, een visie op internationaal fiscaal management" is available at Knopsbooks.com since October 21, 2013. The book is in translation and will be on the market as of April 2015.

In December 2013 he founded the "No Mountain Too High"-foundation (VZW).

December 2014: co-creating the International School for Tax Leadership.